JOIN US at the State Capitol South Lawn tomorrow, JUNE 6TH AT 11AM.


Physicians for a National Health Program – Minnesota (PNHP-MN) mourns the loss of George Floyd, and we are outraged by his brutal and senseless murder. We join with countless other individuals and groups in our community to demand that the officers involved and the MPD be held accountable.
We recognize that structural racism systematically degrades the health and wellbeing of black and brown people in Minnesota and across the country. Racism is insidious, and has clearly deleterious impacts on individual and public health. Our group advocates for single-payer healthcare, which we recognize is just one piece to the larger puzzle of reducing racial health inequities in our society. As an organization, we are reflecting on how we can be a better partner in social justice causes outside of our core mission, and we acknowledge a critical need to diversify our board and membership.
The events of the past week have added to the already profound socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist in the healing and rebuilding of our communities we encourage you to donate, if you are able, to the organization(s) of your choice suggested in the following links:

https://thesannehfoundation.org (A PNHP-MN partnering organization working with Second Harvest to provide pop-up food shelves to the Rondo, Frogtown and Capitol neighborhoods)

https://pillsburyunited.org (A PNHP-MN partnering organization)

Additional Resources:



UPDATED ACTION ALERT: Call to support The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act

Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (Sanders- Jayapal)

Please take a moment to call your District Representative and U.S. Senators to request that they support the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act during this crisis. Helpful information can be viewed by clicking the button below:

Don’t want to Call? Click the button below to generate emails to each of your 3 representatives. This form takes only 60 seconds to complete, and will identify your legislators, create the emails asking for them to support the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act, and send on your behalf. (As a bonus, it can tweet to your legislators, too!)

Of course, only single-payer reform will secure health care for all Americans in the years ahead (and recent polling shows it is more popular than ever). As you’re reaching out to your member of Congress, tell them to co-sponsor HR1384: the Medicare for All Act of 2019. If they are already a co-sponsor, thank them and ask them to fight even harder for reform.