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Join us on Friday, February 3rd from 3-3:45pm in a rally to oppose the Sanford-Fairview merger!

Rally will take place on Friday, February 3rd from 3-3:45pm in front of the Health Sciences Education Center


 “The Sanford takeover would importantly affect our community in three ways:

1) the merger will increase prices for our patients,

2) likely lead to hospital and/or clinic closures, and

3) plummet the research and primary care rankings of our medical school. 

Moreover, the proposed MPACT Healthcare Innovation Planis a red herring—it does NOT solve the risks posed by the Sanford takeover and we cannot let it distract us from opposing this merger. There is no assurance from the state legislature that they will provide the $1 billion required to construct the proposed hospital, and we seriously question the utility of such a hospital that would lie a mere half-mile from the existing University Hospital.”

-Signs are encouraged!
-Dress warmly, as temperatures are expected to be frigid.
-Are you a physician? White coats make a statement, and we encourage you to wear yours!
-Parking information can be found below:

PARKING MAP for 02/03/2023

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Physicians for a National Health Program is an education and advocacy organization of over 10,000 health professionals and patients who support universal health care through single payer reform.

Our Vision is a Minnesota where all get the care they need.
Our Mission is to educate, advocate, and research in order to build a single payer health system that achieves health equity for all Minnesotans.

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