Leading the Charge for Single Payer.

The coalition: while continuing education and advocacy for single payer, PNHP Minnesota plays a key role in a growing coalition brought together by Health Care for All-Minnesota (HCAMn). The coalition was born in August 2013 and continues to grow.Together with other coalition leaders — the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA), Service Employees International Union Healthcare Minnesota (SEIU) , and TakeAction Minnesota –we are actively working with legislative leaders to draft legislation that will be introduced in January 2015.

So what’s different now? Our coalition sees section 1332 (provision for a State Innovation Waiver) of the ACA as a golden opportunity to move single payer legislation forward in Minnesota. What exactly is section 1332?  “Section 1332 of Title I of the Affordable Care Act offers to state governments the ability to waive significant portions of the ACA, including requirements related to qualified health plans, health benefit exchanges, cost sharing, and refundable tax credits. It permits state governments to obtain funding that otherwise would have gone to residents and businesses through the ACA and to use those funds to establish, beginning 2017, an alternative health reform framework within statutory limitations.” (McDonough JE, Jl of Health Politics, Policy and Law Advance Publication. May 19, 2014). Read more.


Report on MMA Single Payer Forum of Tuesday August 19th.

More than 60 physicians and medical students gathered on the University of Minnesota -Saint Paul Campus- , and the event was live streamed to out state for those who could not attend in person. Speakers were Lynn Blewett, Ph.D, Professor of Health Policy at UMN, Chris Reif MD, and Dave Dvorak MD MPH. Check out Facebook for pictures! Read more here.



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In just one minute, we paint a picture of the Minnesota we could have, if we all work  together on changing the face of health care.