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We are Physicians for a National Health Program Minnesota, and we welcome physicians, health care professionals, and all who support our vision. We are in this together — health care professionals and patients. We all need health care – our families, friends, neighbors, employers, employees, people between jobs, care givers, independent workers. All of us, young, old, and in-between.

We believe all Minnesotans need timely and equal access to health care. We believe in the freedom to choose our doctor. We believe in a health care system that protects us from financial disaster when illness strikes. We believe it is achievable.We Minnesotans have our hearts in the right place, we are innovative and persistent. Let’s make the fundamental decision that all of us need equal and timely access to health care, and let’s make it happen!

How? We see section 1332 (provision for a State Innovation Waiver) of the ACA as a golden opportunity to move single payer legislation forward in Minnesota. What exactly is section 1332?  “Section 1332 of Title I of the Affordable Care Act offers to state governments the ability to waive significant portions of the ACA, including requirements related to qualified health plans, health benefit exchanges, cost sharing, and refundable tax credits. It permits state governments to obtain funding that otherwise would have gone to residents and businesses through the ACA and to use those funds to establish, beginning 2017, an alternative health reform framework within statutory limitations.” (McDonough JE, Jl of Health Politics, Policy and Law Advance Publication. May 19, 2014). Read more.

Sign our resolution, whether or not you are a physician. Everybody in, nobody out!

Medical Students and Single Payer.

The Medical Student Section of the American Medical Association passed a resolution in support of innovative state legislation to achieve universal health care, including but not limited to single-payer health insurance… the first instance of any section of the AMA adopting policy in support of single payer health insurance. Read more.

Actually, health insurance premiums are rising more slowly…

By Dimitri Drekonja MD, MPH. Star Tribune , 11/20/2014

Health care and insurance costs are, however, still rising and need work. Let’s just make sure we consider all the facts.

In “Gruber’s gaffes show why MNsure was sure to fail” (Nov. 20), Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, asked for “every well-intentioned voice to be heard” and urged that we “take a hard look at the facts.” Good advice, which I’ll try to follow. Read more.

Single-payer Health Care is the Only Sustainable Way Forward.

By Dave Dvorak MD, MPH. Duluth News Tribune, 10/23/2014

“Not sustainable.” That was the way PreferredOne CEO Marcus Merz described the circumstances leading to his insurance company’s decision to withdraw from the MNsure exchange.

Now, with double-digit cost increases forecast for many of the plans on the exchange, perhaps it’s time to finally acknowledge what is truly unsustainable: the increasingly costly and complicated patchwork of insurance coverage that passes for an American health care system. Spending twice per capita on health care compared to other Western democracies might be defensible if it demonstrated results. But a Commonwealth Fund study earlier this year ranked the U.S. health system dead last among 11 industrialized nations on measures of quality, efficiency and access.

Not sustainable, indeed. Read more.

Single Payer Forum

More than 60 physicians and medical students gathered on the University of Minnesota -Saint Paul Campus on Tuesday, August 19th for a conversation about single payer, sponsored by the Minnesota Medical Association, the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, and PNHP Minnesota.  The event was live streamed to out state for those who could not attend in person. Speakers were Lynn Blewett, Ph.D, Professor of Health Policy at UMN, Chris Reif MD, Rick Horecka, MD, and Dave Dvorak MD MPH. Read more here.

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