Welcome to PNHP Minnesota

We are Physicians for a National Health Program Minnesota, and we welcome physicians, health care professionals, and all who support our vision.

About Us

Physicians for a National Health Program Minnesota is an education and advocacy organization of over 8000 health professionals and patients who support universal health care through single payer reform.

Our Vision is a Minnesota where all get the care they need.

Our Mission is to educate, advocate and research in order to build a single payer health system that achieves health equity for all Minnesotans.

Our vision in one minute; painting a picture of the Minnesota we could have, if we all work together on changing the face of health care. Please share with your friends and family!

Sign our resolution, whether or not you are a physician. Everybody in, nobody out!

We are in this together- health care professionals and patients. We all need health care: our families, friends, neighbors, employers, employees, people between jobs, care givers, independent workers; all of us, young, old, and in-between.